Oh! Cummings you’re a wonder, one who puts us all to shame,

You stand there proud, at once revealed, the truth in you aflame..

Held back for years, forced down, kept quiet, a slave to him you were,

Helpless in the halls of power, with no choice but to defer…

Your opinions quashed, your voice unheard, your pureness couldn’t thrive,

They trapped you, held you prisoner, no escape – unless you count THAT drive…


The schemes they planned, the ways to trick, avoiding oversight,

You warned them that it wasn’t done, but their greed you couldn’t fight.

Unwilling partner, that you were, in all their best laid plans,

Despite your better judgement, you remained a loyal man.

For two long years you suffered, the abuse, the sneers and hating

Your blog it stood, untouched for years, – except for some back-dating,


And when things started to unwind, they put the blame on you,

Your silence not enough for them, you were branded ‘leaker’ too…

That the straw that broke at last, the sturdy camel’s back,

Even you, a paragon, can’t withstand such attack!

You only waited until now, to speak the truth to us…

Time was right at last you saw – from the road under the bus!!

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