Sam laid his big cloth on the floor,

From wall to wall, and hearth to door.

Sam always put his scrape and brush

So Sam could start work in a rush

Sam touched the bricks if they were hot,

They were a bit, but not a lot


Sam’s job was chimney sweep

And kids, really fell asleep.

It was unbearable,

The air in that thin tunnel.

Sam was very hungry,

Sam could smell something meaty.


Sam’s arms ached from all that scraping,

The dusty air was bothering.

In that hole of 9 inches wide,

There were walls on every side.

The dirty chimney, full of soot,

Sam’s body was covered from head to foot.


Sam was hungry, his tummy rumbled,

He was scared that he would tumble.

He hadn’t any strength, he didn’t eat lunch,

He needed a big shiny apple to crunch.

Sam was tired from the sweeping

He closed his eyes and was sleeping


The master sweep heard a sound,

He looked in the chimney and found

Sam laying and ignoring his job

So he lit a fire, on a log

“Sam, wake up this instant” he said;

Sam didn’t hear him, now he’s dead


by Caitlin


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