A cheetah saw a sloth,

A-hanging on a tree.

He said “You lazy thing,

“Why aren’t you fast like me?”


The sloth he gave a grin,

And slowly turned his head.

“I’m faster thank you think my friend”,

He very slowly said.


“That simply isn’t true”

The cheetah then replied.

“I’d beat you in a race,

“And I wouldn’t even have to try”.


“Well OK” said the sloth,

“Let’s have a race and see.

“Which of us is faster,

“To the untuned guitar tree”.


The cheetah counted 3,

“Ready, Steady, Go!”

And dashed off through the trees,

Beneath the big rainbow.


As he ran and ran,

Whizzing ‘cross the land.

The sloth began to inch,

Slowly, hand over hand.


He reached the branch’s end,

And dropped into the sea.

And swam over to the shore,

Where sat the guitar tree.


He climbed out of the sea,

And inched up to a branch.

As the cheetah skidded up,

To find that he was last!


“You see” said the sloth,

“It isn’t always speed.

“Sometimes you will find,

“That’s it’s thinking that you need!”

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